Monday, April 2, 2012

Swimming Strikes Again

So, not only is the water cold at swimming class and the teacher is awkward (very nice, just not much personality)...tonight it was just he, Marley, & I.  Grrrr.  There is only one other baby in the class and her and her parents decided to leave me alone tonight.  I told Joe the TKE boy (he has a lovely greek tattoo) that we could skip the songs and just work on the swimming skills...of which Marley has many because she's 1.  I think we were both watching the minutes pass.  In happy news, Marley is not afraid to throw herself off the side of the pool into my arms when we sing Humpty Dumpty.  Progress.

In other news, we had a finally had a sunny day here in MI after a gloomy weekend...

We went for a walk.

And Marley had her first runaway attempt.

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