Sunday, April 1, 2012


  • I'm trying to like quinoa...but I really find it bland and boring.  I want to like it.
  • I don't like going to swimming lessons with Marley.  The water is freezing and the teacher is an awkward 20-year-old frat boy.
  • I went to bed too late last night (had to make sure Ohio State lost) and paid for it today by crying about 7 times over silly things.  I've told you before, I need my sleep.
  • I'm becoming a little obsessive about concerns over the preservatives in processed foods and what we put into our bodies.  I'm starting to annoy myself...
  • I think I've been setting my own expectations too high lately.
  • This was my day today:
  • 9pm & time for bed...goodnight.

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Jamie said...

We have Cameron eating quinoa and he loves it! Well, he loves it as long as you mix it with sweet potatoes, or squash, or cauliflower, or pretty much anything else. Without the mix, he makes the most awful face so I think he's with you on how he feels about it! :) It's the only thing we give him now that really has a lot of protein though since he's not really eating meat yet. See you this weekend!