Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Ten on Ten

I'm linking up with A Bit Of Sunshine for Ten on Ten- ten pictures on the tenth day of the month.  You take a picture of your life that day every hour and share them as a way to document your life and remember to find the joy in the everyday.  So here is a glimpse into a day at our house (we stayed home it's less than exciting and filled with pictures of usual).

The aftermath of morning playtime.

Marley waking up from her morning nap.

"Helping" sort & stuff diapers.


More help...she likes to lick the dirty dishes clean.

My big endeavor of the day- making banana bread.

Waiting for the bread to be done...and clapping the oven mitts together like a little seal.

Afternoon nap time...relaxing with some (guilty pleasure) reality TV.

10 minutes of crying to start dinnertime.

Our dinner...stuffed peppers and banana bread.

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Nicole said...

That's a cool idea! maybe I'll join in next month!

Jill said...

Great recap! I remember the girl's baby stages quite well! :-) This is my first time linking up, what a great concept!


Jamie said...

Those stuffed peppers look so yummy! Would love the recipe if you get a sec to send my way!