Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Popping In To Say...

I'm still here, alive and well.  Just running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I have been for the entire month of February.  

After a great first birthday party for Marley, followed by a still-present cold/cough for the little girl, we celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend.  She turned 60, so we kept the party going all weekend- at the Darius Rucker & Lady Antebellum concert on Saturday night, followed by a nice dinner out and a very special surprise for my mom on Sunday night.  I put a lot of time into this project and I'll fill you in on it soon!  My mom loved it and it was a hit :)  

Tomorrow (at 6:40 am...ugh) we fly to South Dakota (which takes 3 different flights) for Mark's brother's wedding.  We are excited and hoping that our little ball of energy (who can't sit still) is good on the planes.  We are spending almost 5 days there with Mark's family and get home on Monday night.

Once I catch up on my sleep next week, I hope to resume my regular blogging with a review of our crazy  (good crazy) month.  For now, a few random pictures...

Staying clean

Safe playtime

It's so embarrassing when there is toilet paper stuck to your foot.

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Maria said...

Omg! So busy! Glad you are enjoying time with your family- and Darius Rucker?! So cool! Good luck on the plane trip. Can't wait to hear more about the special surprise for your mom.