Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a whirlwind- here's a rundown...
  • Went shopping and had lunch with my mom & aunt on Friday.
  • Went wedding dress shopping with one of my best & oldest friends and her mom for her first time out looking for a dress.  She looked gorgeous in everything and I can't wait to see what she picks!
  • Picked up a hand-me-down treadmill from my cousin- thanks Meg!  These new parents need to get some exercise.
  • Took Mark on a surprise date to see Paul Simon in Detroit on Friday night.  He was on Mark's (short) concert bucket list and I bought tickets on a whim a few months ago.  He thought that he was being dragged to see the Radio City Music Spectacular (which I love and have talked about many times) and didn't find out where we were going until he saw the marquee...a great night.
  • Spent Saturday afternoon with old friends- watching football, having a few adult beverages, playing with babies, & catching up.  I always feel a little more like myself after a day like that.
  • Was up with Marley from midnight-3pm last night (3 HOURS!) trying to get her back to sleep.  She ended up (after trying to play for 30 minutes) smushed up against me asleep until 7am...which makes for great sleep for me.  It's 8:30pm now and I'm crashing quickly.
  • Got most of our Christmas shopping for Marley done today (we aren't buying her much- she doesn't know the difference and will probably like the paper the best anyways).
  • Missed blogging yesterday.  I forgave myself already.

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Alexa said...

ahhhh Katie. I am SO glad you were there on Friday. I know it meant a lot to my mom too. thanks for the kind words! and Saturday was seriously one of the best days i've had in a while, was so great catching up with some of my oldest girlfriends. Love you guys AND your beautiful families! xoxo