Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

  • to be addicted to Facebook, Pinterest, and reading blogs.  It's my adult "interaction" and keeps my brain stimulated.
  • that some nights I don't feel like interacting with my husband much and I just want to read said blogs and pin in peace & quiet with the baby finally in bed for the night.
  • that I haven't had my eyebrows waxed since my wedding (2.5 years ago!)...I'm a good plucker.
  • to not want to buy anything without a coupon.
  • that I hate to talk on the phone even though I always feel great after I catch up with friends.
  • that I hate a half-pound of candy corn by myself this week.  Sadly it's the only Halloween candy I had...not one fun-size candy bar!
  • that Marley is climbing on the printer right now...don't tell her dad.


The Monforton Norton said...

You're awesome. I love your honesty. I'm addicted to gossip magazines. Yes, that is how I get my news. As much as I hate admitting I like reading about other people's drama, it is true, which why I love Hoarders.

Alexa said...

ok first of all I love Hoarders. I also loved the show "Addicted to Food" on Oprah's network. perhaps seeing people with serious mental issues makes you feel better about your own petty bullshit?

And i dont want to interact with ANYONE when I get home from work. jUst give me the pug, a glass of wine, the couch, and an US weekly... please, no talking. we'll see how that works out once i move in w/ Jeff next weekend! xoxo