Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catching Up

Blogs are a funny thing.  You start one and you get so excited that people are actually reading it...but then you have almost a month where you don't have time to blog and you feel guilty for not keeping up (cue my repeated apologies that I seem to post more and more often on here).  Almost daily, I think about something and I think, "I should blog about that"...and then I get sidetracked.  Anyways, we've been out of town on road trips for the majority of the last 3 weeks, 2,500 miles total.  We've seen LOTS of friends and family and that has been wonderful, but now we are in dire need of some quiet, at-home, getting-back-into-a-routine time.  Here is a photo montage of our travels, that's about all I can manage today!

Marley & I in the backseat (I'm a bit bored, can you tell?)

Marley's first trip to Burger King (which I hadn't had in about 10's still gross).

Marley and all of her cousins in South Dakota

Marley with her Nana & Papa

All of the cousins in the coupe

Sunny family portrait

Too hot for clothes...

4 Generations!

The family

Marley's first boat ride on the Cisco Chain of Lakes

First family picture by the lake

Stop at Cut River on the way home from the UP

Marley's first trip to Lake Michigan!

That's all for's nice to "see" you all again, thanks for reading!


Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

Aww! She is getting so big!! Thank you for the update. :O) I am glad you guys had a great trip and that is so special to have a picture with all the cousins and the 4 generations too. Amazing.
Talk soon!!

Anonymous said...

great pics! love, dad