Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Things!

I have been completely spoiled lately, and I wanted to share my new things!  I am very excited about them and they bring a big smile to my face. new camera!  I have been wanting a digital SLR camera for years and I basically drool when I see someone else with one.  This was waiting under the Christmas tree at my parents's house for Mark & I.

It's a Canon Rebel XS and I'm so excited about it!  I'm really trying to learn how to use it before the baby gets here and I'm hoping to take the little guy or girl's newborn pictures myself to save us some cash.

I also found this under the tree:
It's a Cricut Personal Expressions Cutter that is fun for DIY-ing endless projects.  This was a total surprise and I can't wait to try it out.  A knock-off of this is what I have in mind for my first project, but I need to know if baby is a boy or girl first! 

(and our baby girl name isn't Kenlee...)

My wonderful husband spoiled me by getting me the diaper bag that I've been lusting's a JuJu Be BFF bag and it costs too much, but he bought it for me with his Christmas bonus- even though we weren't supposed to be exchanging gifts this year.  I love him :)

It is one of our biggest dreams to own a king bed someday...aim high, right?  With every extra penny going toward our student loans (or fancy diaper bags...), this isn't going to happen for awhile.  We had a Macy's gift card left from our wedding and I fell in love with a duvet cover there and Mark told me to buy it in a king size for when we get our bed.  So, I had the comforter in the closet and we decided to put it on the queen...and we love it- plenty of covers to go around!

Finally, Mark's parents and grandma were very generous and gave us some Christmas/baby money and we ordered a recliner/glider for the baby's room...we are hoping it comes sooner than the 10-12 weeks that they quoted us!

So, in closing, I've been spoiled lately and I'm very thankful for all of my new things :) 


Danimal said...

Oooh! We are eyeing that same SLR ourselves! Would love to hear more of your thoughts on it.

Jeremy, Censie & Jude said...

I LOVE THE DIAPER BAG!!! I got a new one for my birthday last week. Similar to yours. I love it! :O) You are getting so close!

PS - I nominated you today! Have a look!