Monday, May 19, 2014

Beckett- 19 Months

I'm to that point in my baby's life where I can't even remember holding Beckett as a newborn anymore.  Why does that have to happen??  I have the general memories of holding my babies, but very few specific ones that I can pull up in my head quickly.  Why do they have to fade so fast??  Oh, right, because I'm responsible for keeping 3.5 people (half of the husband) alive and happy…that takes up a lot of space in the old brain.

My sweet little boy is 19 months old already and full of attitude and opinions.  Here's the deets on our little guy at the big one and a half year mark in his life!
  • He has three words that he can say consistently:  mama, no, and bubbles.  Random.  I'm starting to be able to pick out others….slowly.
  • He is almost constantly in a state of frustration based on the fact that he can't get out what he wants to say (or at least that's our conclusion).  He understands everything we say to him, but can't communicate back very easily.
  • Beckett adores his big sister.  He does (or wants to do) whatever she does, be it painting, riding a tricycle, drinking from a cup, playing with stickers, etc.  I do my best to let him try everything, but there's a lot he can't do and he HATES this.
  • He loves to mimic Marley- screaming, dancing, singing, being silly, etc and they'll go back and forth laughing hysterically at each other.  It's pretty cute.  He also loves to push her buttons and knows exactly how.
  • He loves trucks already…nature over nurture on this one.
  • He pushes around Marley's old doll stroller whenever she pushes around her new one.
  • He loves to spin in circles and get dizzy until he falls down.  Sometimes, this is how he dances.
  • He loves to dress up & accessorize- shoes, hats, Marley's dresses, he'll wear it all and for quite awhile.  
  • He is an awful eater- he likes squash & sweet potatoes, but that's it for veggies.  He's a big fan of breakfast, but we struggle through lunch and dinner, trying to find something that he'll eat.  
  • He loves to be rough-housed, tickled, held upside-down, etc. - the more, the better.  Boys…
I'm trying to keep this positive, but I've been struggling with this kid lately.  He whines 75% of the day and wants me to hold him constantly.  I don't remember Marley being like this and I know I shouldn't be wishing the days away, but I really look forward to this phase being over…

That being said, he's still super cool and I'm so, so proud to call him mine…scowl and all.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Annual SoDak Trip

Where does the time go?  My two little monsters angels are BUSY these days and when naptime rolls around, it's all I can do to pick up the house and figure out the dinner plan.  But, that doesn't mean that I don't want to still be able to remember what our days were like during these crazy days.  So I'm vowing for the 429th time to get back to blogging a bit now and then.

We went to South Dakota to visit Mark's family at the beginning of April and had a great trip.  Mark has 3 brothers and a sister, all with families of their own and we got to spend some quality time with each family as well as with his parents and grandma.  We were running the whole time, but felt like we spend our time well and the kids kept up for the most part.  There were a few rough spots due to missed naps and some nights with lots of wakeups (have I mentioned that if I don't get enough sleep, I'm a crazy B?), but that's to be expected when traveling with toddlers, right?

We flew this time (as opposed to driving 16 hours each way) and on our way home we missed our connecting flight in Minneapolis due to weather in Chicago that held up our plane.  We then didn't get on the standby flight later that night which left me vowing to be trapped in our car for 3 days rather than be at the mercy of the airlines again.  We'll see when our next trip gets closer.

Anyways, here's my photo run-down of the trip...thanks for still reading even though I've been neglectful :)

Airport fun

Marley meeting her new cousin Will

And his twin sister Izzy- they are SO sweet!!

Husbands and babies…love :)

The twins' beautiful mommy, my sister-in-law, Kristina

Marley with the "clip clops" that she didn't take off of her feet for 5 days.  Sass.

We are really good at pictures these days.

Trip to the zoo with Mark's mom & our niece, Emiri


Marley playing with her cousin Jake

Mark with his brother Bruce & our nephews Carter & Parker playing one of many board games that took entirely too long ;)

Mark & his brother Andy, cheers-ing to Andy's engagement to his longtime GF!


We got to go to a formal fundraiser with his parents for the hospital in Mark's hometown while we were home

A night out without with kids?  With dinner?  And dancing?  Yes!!

This was my face when Mark's parents almost bought me a chocolate lab puppy in the live auction.  Then Mark said no.  Sad face.

Me with my future sister-in-law, Angie

Playing iPad game with Papa, in her underwear.  Clothes are waaaay overrated for this child.

More time with Will & Izzy.

Which Beckett spent reverting to his infant ways

And Marley spent fawning over her new cousins like the little mommy she is.

Proud new parents, Tony (Mark's brother) and Kristina!

Hanging out with the cousins at Papa's homebuilding store

And a tiny glimpse into the fun (not fun) that was our unexpected overnight in Minneapolis...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Five on…Tuesday

I had big plans to post this on Friday, but things happen.

1)  The most important of my 5, which I totally spaced blogging about because my presence here has been so sporadic…we have a new niece and nephew!!  Mark's oldest brother and his wife had twins (their first babies!!) on March 11.  Their names are William (Will) and Isabel (Izzy) and they are the cutest things ever.  We are going to meet them in a few days and we're SO excited!

2)  That's right, we are going to South Dakota on Thursday to see Mark's family.  It's been a year since we've made the trip back and we are so excited to see everyone!  It'll be Beckett's first plane ride and Marley's first that she remembers- should be a fun adventure.

3)  Frozen- oh my word.  Marley went to see it with Mark in the theater and I've been patiently waiting for it to come out on video…while learning all of the songs (they're so catchy!!).  I randomly came across it in the video section at the library last week and I had to check it out, it felt like my lucky day since it had just come out.  I loved the movie, but I think there are some darker parts that I'm a little worried about Marley asking questions about (death, not ready to go there- at all).  She likes the movie, but loves the music more, so I think we'll "let it go" for a little while.  Not saying we won't listen to the songs or the spin off videos here and here daily...

4)  I absolutely love this article going around the Facebook circuit.  There's nothing wrong with doing things to make your kid's day special, but all of the pressure to do everything under the sun to give them these amazing memories is too much.  I remember one teddy bear birthday party at my house, and have very few memories about individual moments in my childhood.  What I do remember is playing outside with my sister and brothers, making barbie houses out of things we found around the house, and spending time with my cousins in northern Michigan.  I'm going to stop feeling guilty that I don't want to play with my kids ALL DAY LONG.

5)  My parents are selling the house that I spent my formative years in (and which my sibs have been taking turns living in until the real estate market bounced back) and we spent part of Saturday going through the house and seeing if there was anything we wanted…which is how this happened:

That's my high school homecoming dress and Marley in another formal dress that was there.  A tad embarrassing, but at least I didn't show you my prom dress that looks like a Mormon bride's dress (as my good friend described it.  She was at prom with me, she's allowed to mock ;).

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Life is crazy right now…but crazy in a good way.  Temperatures are rising, my kids are starting to play together more, and it's my birthday month.  I can't complain.  That's a lie, I can always complain…but I try not to (and fail often).

Here's the rundown of what we've been up to lately!!

-My awesome parents took my sister & I to see Jennifer Nettles in Detroit (kid-free!) and she was fantastic.  I have a girl crush on her- she's a mom, she likes her wine, and she's full of positive energy…kind of like me (hahahaha!).

-We went to visit my good friend Liz & her family a few weekends ago- mainly to see her sweet little guy, Austin…I love seeing my friends with their sweet babies!

-Hanging out with cousins…

Way to be photogenic, my little angels.  Good job, Brady!

-Celebrating my little brother's golden birthday (In the far left corner…25!!)

-Watching my Subaru hit the ripe old mileage of 150,000 (!!!!!!!).  She needs to last another year, please send prayers.

-General outdoor shenanigans (like falling asleep)

(she's on the (railing-less) deck!)

-Acting like big kids

Living it up with the Costco membership we got for Christmas…SAHM, am I.

And taking shots of whiskey and blowing bubbles…obviously.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sick Again

This winter needs to END.   This weekend was a doozie and I was not a happy camper. The kids and I were all sick again.  We all had colds and nasty coughs and Marley had a fever for a few days.  It's a miracle I'm here to blog today.  Marley, I love you to pieces, but you are the most dramatic sick person I know...even worse than your father.  Constantly being needed by 2 sick kids who only want their mom, when you're not feeling good yourself is really hard to take and I was not a pleasant human to be around this weekend.  Such is life and today is a new day, right?

I have intentions of blogging most days and things always step up and take priority…sick kids, cleaning, exercising, picture organizing, etc., etc., etc.  Up until the last 6 months or so, this was my place to record memories of what the kids and I are up to, but lately, I can't keep up with it.  Maybe it's just 2 very active kids or maybe I manage my time poorly, who knows.

Here are a few glimpses into the sick house…

In-house doc.

Beckett is clearly thrilled about this arrangement.